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Website Builder Demonstration

Social Networking


Keep your customers uptodate with your latest news and integrate your website with social media using Website Builders range of social widgets. Website Builder supports the following features:



Add your twitter feed quickly and easily. You are in control of the type of content to display on your website and how often to update your feed.

Or add a Tweet this button to your website pages.

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Allow your customers to like your pages of Facebook. The Website Builder console allows you to adjust the style of the button, and how Facebook Likes appear to your customers friends. All in a few clicks.


Allow your customers to reccomend you on Google+ with a simple call out button.

Social Bookmarks

Or simply collate a number of social functions into one bookmark for your visitors to use.

Bookmark and Share



Add thumbnail images from a particular user or collection, choose how many images dto display and how often the images should be refreshed.


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