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Website Builder Demonstration

Getting started

The first time you log into Website Builder you will be asked to choose a template. There Hundreds available to match any style of website you want to create. While selecting a match will make creating your website easider, the templates are so customizable that you can create any style from any template!

This entire website is created using one template to demonstrate the customization options available to you. Below is a demonstraton of just some of the templates available to you.

Pre-Built Pages

Each template is created with a number of pre built pages appropriate to it's theme. Now, you can simply change the content to match your business, add new content and widgets or completely change the layout to match your design.

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Adding Pages

Adding a new page couldn't be simpler. All your web pages are displayed in your Website Builder control panel. Click Add to add a new page to your website. You can give it any name you want.

You can even arrage your web pages into folders to help organise large websites.

What next?

When you have created your pages, Website Builder makes it easy to add your own content.

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