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Extra Content

There are so many additional Things you can do with Website Builder.


In addition to adding text and images, there are a host of other features you can add to your website. Website Builders easy to use interface makes adding additional features to your site easy. 

Simply drag the feature you want onto your website.


The Navigation widget will automatically create horizontal or vertical navigation menus on your website.

You can choose which pages to display in your menu, or even create sub-menus for your visitors.

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Additional backgrounds allow you to create pull out boxes, and provide your web sirte pages with more depth. Backgrounds can be single colours, or images and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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Google Maps

Add your own google maps to your website, You have full control over the placement, type and settings available on your map. 

You can even add your own markers to highlight places of interest!

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Quickly and easily embed your own YouTube videos directly onto your website.

Simply drag the video widget onto your website and entre the embed link shown in on YouTube.

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Allow your customers to comment on your site or products.

You can moderate these comments, choosing which to show. You can also download all cusmtomer comments into Excel format for your records.

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Site Search

Allow your customers to find specific content easily. Drag the site search widget onto your website and WebsiteBuider will do the rest.

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The carousel widget allows you to showcase a number of images and add's movement to your website. 

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It works in the same way as the slideshow widget, however, the slide show widget provides more control over image transition effects and controls.



Automatically create a sitemap of your entire website. 

This is in addition to the automatic sitemap that is created to help Search engines index your site.

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Create contact forms to record cusmtomer feedback, or to trigger an email. 

You can download any completed forms into Excel format for your records.

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Slideshow (Premium accounts only)

Add movement to your website with an image slideshow. You can add multiple images and control  the transition effects between them. 

Create controls and buttons so that your website visitors can navigate between  images.

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