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Website Builder Demonstration



Integrate your site with PayPal with the click of just a few buttons.

Website Builder allows you to add Buy Now buttons, or add a shopping cart to your website.

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Step 1


Enter your Paypal email address and currency.

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Step 2


Drag and drop a paypay button onto your website.

Step 3

Set up your button. This is slighly different depending upon the type of button you are using.

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Buy Now

Enter your product name, a cost and any postage in the poxes provided. It's that simple!

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Add to Cart

The Add to Cart button allows you to add an Image, Description as well as Product name, Cost and Shipping cost to your order. When visitors click on this button the item will be added to their PayPal shopping cart.

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Don't forget

To drag and drop a View Cart button onto your site so customers can view their cart and complete their purchases!

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