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Website Builder Demonstration


Adding Content

It takes seconds to add text and images to your site. 


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Adding Text

Simply drag a text  box onto your website and enter the text or image you want to show.


Once you have added your text you can style it any way you want.

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Adding Images

Images are as simple as text to include in your site. Website Builder comes complete with an Image library. Simply click on the Add button to add a new image to your library. 

You can then drag the image from your library directly onto your website. For an exciting look, you can even make the image change when the mouce is over it, or display a large high resolution image if a user clicks the image if you want.

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Templates allow you to quickly edit sections of your website. Your header, footer and navigation menu for example. Changes made to a templated section will appear on all your pages that use this template.

Let me see

The following video shows how easy it is to create a webpage using Website Builder.